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Naot Footwear - Rahina (Black Madras Leather/Black Suede) Women's Maryjane Shoes

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You want to buy Naot Footwear - Rahina (Black Madras Leather/Black Suede) Women's Maryjane Shoes. Get Cheap Naot Footwear - Rahina (Black Madras Leather/Black Suede) Women's Maryjane Shoes at best online store now!
Please note: Naot advises that this style runs a size large. If you normally wear a size 37 (US Women's 6), you may want to order a size 36 (US Women's 5). ; The Rahina mary jane is from the Naot Koru Collection, which runs as a Medium width. ; Rich leather and suede upper with elegant cutout detailing and an adjustable instep strap. ; Partial leather sock lining wicks away moisture for a dry an...
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